PTRS | Meet Our Team

PTRS was founded in 1999 and is now the leading provider of Rehabilitation Staffing and Home Health Rehab Services. Meet the experienced team that make up Professional Therapy & Rehab Services.

Who We Are

Marc Domb Partner

Marc Domb, PT, has been both a successful clinician and healthcare entrepreneur for fifteen years. He is solely responsible for the inception and growth of one of Florida's leading therapy staffing companies, Professional Therapy & Rehab Services (PTRS). PTRS was founded in 1999 and currently provides services in the states of Florida and Georgia. Marc is also jointly responsible for the start-up and success of Healthcare Solutions International (HCSI) which was launched in 2002, providing nursing and private care services throughout the state of Florida. Marc has a proven track record of clinical and financial success and is a well respected member of the Florida healthcare community. This success is largely due to his ability to develop synergistic business relationships. With an extensive network of physician relationships and ties to the healthcare community, Marc has proven his ability to develop and cultivate successful businesses ventures in the healthcare industry.

David Kyle Partner

David Kyle has been a healthcare executive for more than 20 years. He holds a bachelors from Loyola University and a Master’s degree from Tulane University. David began his career as a licensed nursing home administrator and worked in both the nonprofit and for profit sectors of the long term care industry. Subsequent to this David was recruited to Deloitte Consulting as a healthcare financial analyst and healthcare operations consultant. At Deloitte David was responsible for teams of consultants working with large healthcare providers. His areas of expertise at Deloitte were merger and acquisition, operational efficiencies and strategic planning and development. David partnered with Marc Domb in 2003 and together they built Florida’s most successful medical staffing company. David and Marc have been partners for over 12 years and have accomplished tremendous success in the healthcare staffing space.

Professional Therapy and Rehab Services is the leading provider of Rehabilitation Staffing and Home Health Rehab Services since 1999. We are a therapist owned and operated medical staffing and recruitment firm. Whether you are a potential client or candidate for employment, you can be assured that we have a strong understanding of the needs and concerns of both healthcare professionals and providers.